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We are getting married… in a few weeks already! And I actually had promised to post more info here in April already. With Luuk in our lives however, I simply did not manage to do that earlier :).
First of all, there are still a few things I need to know from every guest:
a) Whether you have food preferences or allergies (eg vegetarian, nut allergy, etc)
b) What your 5 favorite songs are that you love to dance to!
c) To all parents: How many cribs you need and whether you can bring a portable crib for your child.
I will email you these questions as well, but if you have not responded yet, please let me know urgently (

Now about the ceremony:

As stated on the invitation, festivities begin on Friday at 5:30 pm. Please be at Gidibauer until then. If you cannot make it in time, please let us know before.


Friday will be a ‚Bavarian‘ meet and greet. Thus you are more than welcome to wear ‘Lederhosen’ and ‘Dirndl’ :). Otherwise, just dress how you would go to a beer garden. The main thing is that you feel comfortable.


On Saturday, the ceremony begins at midday in Gidibauer’s garden. All guests should be there no later than 11:30 to find your way around and find a place to sit. After all, the groom does not want to wait for the bride :). Wedding and baptism are held together. After that, the day continues with a reception, photos and wedding cake. There is of course time for all kids to take a little nap. The evening program begins at 5:30 pm.

There will be 3 ladies for childcare who will play with the kids, eat and also monitor them while sleeping. It is a voluntary offer and of course up to the parents and children to make use of it. The ladies will stay up late at night and sit next to the crib as well, if desired.
Dresscode for Saturday is ‘smart summer attire’. What does that mean? No gala outfit, rather a smart summer outfit in which you feel comfortable all day long, inside and outside :). Hopefully we will be outside all day until the evening program starts. Dinner and dancing will be inside. We will celebrate and dance as long as our ‘old feet’ will allow us :).
Sunday will bring celebrations to an end with a relaxed breakfast. All guests that are not staying at Gidibauer are welcome to come to Gidibauer for breakfast too. Just let us know in advance, so they can plan accordingly. We will stay at Gidibauer until Monday, so you are more than happy to enjoy the day with us on the terrace in the sun and leave later in the day.


Getting there:
Those who come by car, simply put the address in your satnav :).
By plane: Fly into Munich first and then take the train to Passau Hbf.
By train: Well, of course take the train to Passau Hbf too.
From Passau Hbf it is about 15-20 minutes by taxi to Gidibauer. We will negotiate a fixed price with a taxi provider and send you the number by email shortly before the wedding.
From Passau central station to Seehotel am Freudensee it is about 20 minutes by taxi. From Seehotel you can then either walk to Gidibauer (about 25-30 minutes), or take a taxi (5 min).
And now it is not long anymore…. We look forward to an unforgettable weekend with you. Should you still have any questions, just contact us.

Natalie, Mathias and Luuk

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