Cusco was the capital of the Inca Empire and is an Unesco Heritage Site by now. It still has some old Inca sites in the city center, when however not as complete as the ones surrounding the area. Most had been destroyed by the Spanish in the colonial times. We spent 2 days before the Inca Trail and 2 days after it there. As you can see in the pictures, we focused mostly on the good Peruvian food and enjoyed the fresh food on the market or in our little local restaurant around the corner, where we had a ‚menu del día‘, every single day :). It was so good and cost just 3 Euros for a warm soup, big main dish plate and fresh juice. We also discovered our new favourite fruit in Cusco: Lucuma. See the ‚Lucuma Sandwich‘ recipe for more details. After our Inca Trail, we also went to a local restaurant called ‚La Cusqueñita‘, which our guide had recommended to us. Uuhhhh, it was another big food highlight. They had a buffet option on the night we went. We could literally try every single Peruvian dish and so many amazing starters! In addition they also had a music band and folklore dance and we were really the only Gringos in this place.

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