From Kruger to KwaZulu-Natal


We are on the road again! Our trip from the reserve in Limpopo region brought us through Kruger National Park.


We drove in at lunch time and had a campsite in the park booked to stay overnight.


We passed lots of buffalos and elephants and the other obvious antelopes. All went well until we hit a road block: a massive elephant bull was walking on the road looking quite upset and making a whole caravan of cars drive backwards trying to make space, including us.


It took about 30 minutes until there was a small side road where all cars backed into and the elephant finally walked past. Now we were in trouble though, as we had little time left to reach the campsite gate before they close.


Luckily we managed to get there 10 minutes before closure. We had some quick pasta for dinner and went right to sleep, as we had to get up at 4:30 to start driving again at 5:30. Despite some familiar sounds of spotted hyaenas during the night, we slept well and managed to leave on time.


We had 2 more hours of driving left in the park until we reached the southern exit. We had some beautiful rhino sightings in the morning light and also saw the tiniest baby warthogs ever!


After that it was a very long drive to KwaZulu-Natal where we went to go hiking in the Drakensberg mountain range. After 13 hours of driving, many road works, hundreds of potholes and one hubcap and many nerves less later, we arrived in KwaZulu-Natal!


Our first stop was the Royal Natal National Park, where we went fortday hike the following day. As I am writing this we just finished our second hike and are about to go on the third. We will post all about the hikes soon.


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