Our first stop in Ecuador was Guayaquil, which is also the starting point for any trip to the Galapagos Islands, as all flights there leave from here or fly through here. We had two days and were still recovering from our food poisening. So the first day we strolled along the green promenade and discovered the old and restored art quarter with a great view from the top of the hill. But on the last day we felt fine and too curious to not start trying the Ecuadorian food. So we found two local restaurants that were recommended by a local culinary newspaper. And they were right! We had a delicious ‚seco de chivo‘ which is goat stew served with sweet bananas and avocados. We also tried ‚encocado‘, a fish dish marinated in a sweet coconut sauce. Yummy! And our stomachs held it in :). And we even had a little introduction of what will await us on the Galapagos Islands, when we walked by a parque and actually saw more than dozens of iguanas hanging around, waiting to be fed salad by the kids.

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