Our second stop on the Garden Route brought us to Keuerboomstrand near Plettenberg Bay. A friend of mine had recommended a place with ocean view, but unfortunately when we got there everything was booked out. So we went to a nearby guesthouse which also turned out quite cute and we were just happy to have a warm bed after 3 nights of camping in the rain. The evening was also still a bit misty, however when we got up in the morning we again and a nice sunny sky. This time, it also stayed that way and the whole next few days turned out beautifully sunny. We got up and went to the beach and fell in love with it in an instant. It did not take long and we decided to stay a bit longer in this place. We had lunch at a bistro situated right on the cliff overlooking the ocean. As if the view was not already amazing enough, we suddenly saw a group of dolphins swimming by and sticking around and surfing on the waves. It was simply fantastic to see them playing around. Because the weather was nice again, we spent the next 2 nights on a stunning campground situated directly at the Keuerboom lagoon. The place was so peaceful and we had it once again all to ourselves. We spent the next day on the beach simply enjoying the view and the sun, in the evening Mathias cooked a lovely dinner on the beach for me while we watched the sunset. When we left the next day to drive on to another place that was recommended to us by locals, we were sad to leave. Time always seems too short! We did not know then that the next place would leave us breathless again…. 😉

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