Maracuya Sour

Yes, Peruvian`s Pisco Sour is the best and tastes delicious. My favourite however was the local favourite version of Arequipa, which is the Maracuya Sour. This is how you make it. Enjoy!

Maracuya Sour

The Pisco sour is one of the most widely known Cocktail drinks of Peru and its national drink. The Maracuja Sour is the local version in Arequipa. Here is a simple recipe that will help you prepare this delicious drink.


  • 3fl oz Pisco ((depends how strong you like it))
  • 1fl oz Goma Syrup ((or simple syrup))
  • 1/4fl oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2fl oz passion fruit nectar
  • a few drops of Angostura bitters
  • 1 fresh egg white
  • 5-7 ice cubes


Step 1 Mix the pisco with the syrup in a blender.
Step 2 Add the lime and passion fruit juice.
Step 3 Add the crushed ice. Add the egg whites at the end.
Step 4 Blend until the texture is smooth and even and the ice disolved. The egg white should be foamy.
Step 5 Serve in small glasses. Add a few drops of angostura bitter .

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