This is a summary of our 5 days in Singapore. We had a lovely time with our friend Cora and her son Ethan who hosted us for the whole time. We were lucky to get to see some normal Singaporean life by spending time with them. We even went to support Ethan for a fencing competition where he did really well, despite just having started this discipline recently! We outed us as European a bit too much when we started yelling his name and words of encouragement :) This is not something the locals would do, they support in silence.  When Mathias then even started doing some of his Capoeria stuff we pushed the limits of cultural openness too much and he was told off :).

We also had lots of time to stroll through Singapore and went to the Botanic Garden with its beautiful Orchard display. We went to Chinatown, Little India and the Arab quarter as well as doing the typical landmarks tour in the Colonial District and along the Marina. And of course we managed to send our winter clothes back to Germany in a big post package. Let’s hope it will get there as well! Most of the days, our route was defined by the hawker centres, the food street stalls, where we could indulge in incredible local food and spoil ourselves for little money. Oh, what a wonderful food experience. We cannot wait to have this great food everyday now in Asia!! All in all, Singapore was a great experience and easy start to our Asian tour, we just need to get adapted to the humid and hot weather now… :)


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