At the heart of the earth

It has been a bit over a week now since we left Germany. Our bodies are slowly getting used to the new, natural rhythm. We woke up between 3 and 6am the first 4 days and were so awake that we actually got up, which says a lot in itself when you know my sleeping capabilities. By now our bodies amended to the rhythm of nature though and I have to say it feels like we have a lot more energy going to bed when the sun has set and waking up with the sun rising. It was strange in the beginning, as it means we naturally get tired around 8:00 pm now. Going to bed at that time before almost felt like a waste of time. Now it feels like the only right thing to do. And instead we wake up at 6am and start the day fully awake. That is however the only thing that seems to have adapted quickly to our new life. Our minds are still racing and planning all the time in the fear not to make the most of the day. In fact, only since yesterday, when we arrived in Milford Sound and were rendered speechless by its beauty, did we start slowing down.


When we planned the whole trip and New Zealand in particular, we actually discussed if it is a good idea to go to one of the most beautiful places on earth right at the start, as it will set a high standard for everything else to come. For now I can say it was the right thing to do, because it confronted us really quickly with the most important thing we have this coming year and need to learn to worship properly: time. We for once have time to just stay and enjoy the present, without thinking about the list of things to do at home or work. And often it is enjoying the simple things that we take for granted when talking about it, but that are actually still a phenonemon. Like our night at Hokonui Hills, where we had a perfect clear sky and looked up at the stars for the first time since arriving in New Zealand. Not only did we see the milky way very clearly, but it made us realize how amazing it really is to be standing on the other side of the planet and seeing the same stars as two weeks ago in Munich. And as we stand there gazing at this beautiful sky, a shooting star passes by and makes our hearts jump with joy. What a special moment to remember. So this was the first sign to start taking it slower, but only today, 2 days later, did we actually manage to have our first dinner while watching the sun go down.


The days before we just about made it to the camping ground as the sun was gone and dinner was served in the dark. But here, with such spectacular views and dinner settings, everything else would feel so wrong. It feels like we are at the heart of the earth and all you want to do is take in every second of it. Yesterday, we hiked up the mountains and today we did a kayak tour. I wish I could put what we have seen into the right words or show you the perfect picture worthy of it, but it is impossible.


Every time you see an amazing view, take a picture and look at it, you are disappointed of how little of the actual stunning scenery is captured. So while we did the most incredible kayak tour today, we tried to burn the views and feelings we experienced into our brains forever.


And while you can have a look at the pictures we took to get an impression, I can only recommend you to come here and see and experience it for yourself. Until then, enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Hello my lovelies,

    catching up on the blog after my own holiday in Bulgaria and loving it! Especially this post, maybe because it reminds me of my own experiences (albeit on different continents), but mostly because it captures the spirit of travelling so well and that’s what it’s all about :)
    Keep on enjoying every minute of it :)
    Lots of love from the UK :-*

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