The Fjordlands

So as mentioned, we do not think that any picture really captures the whole amazing scenery thruthfully, but we will share some anyway to give you an idea of what we did here. From camping at the lakes, hiking through the enchanted forests, kayaking in Milford Sound and having dinner at lake Te Anau, every single thing was simply incredible. It inspired me to write these following lines, maybe they can add a bit to the magic we encountered here:

I shall not speak, I shall listen.

I shall not move, I shall watch.

For thy beauty lies in the silence

and thy life in the pictures you paint.

Then you speak to me and I listen.

Then you show me and I watch.

Silence turns into sound,

Pictures turn into life.

And then I hear and see the energy and beauty of your life.

  1. Die riesigen Berge sehen wirklich imposant aus! Wahnsinn wir beneiden euch! 😉 Viel spass euch noch und reichlich schönes Wetter!

  2. Hallo ihr Süßen,

    ich verfolge total gespannt, was ihr so macht und seht. Es sieht groooooßartig aus!
    Ich wünsche euch, dass euch die Schönheit, die Wildheit und die Einsamkeit dieser atemberaubenden Natur tief im Herzen berührt.
    Ich denk‘ an euch.
    Von Herzen alles Liebe
    eure Diana

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