Last days in Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok early in the morning at 5:30 am and went to the train station which was near our hotel and spent some time drinking coffee until we could check in. Sure enough, we knew when it was 8 o’clock as everything comes to a halt and people stand up to show respect to the crown when the national anthym is played. Shortly after we went to check-in and started our last full day in Bangkok. We went to Chinatown first to see some more of the old part of the city and had some last Thai treats, before we went to the new city. There we got a last massage, enjoyed the view over Bangkok from a Skybar, got stuck in a proper monsoon rain shower and last but not least took a stroll through the renown redlight district. As to the massage, it was Mathias‘ first Thai massage and his words afterwards say it all: ‚I almost died of pain, but now I feel good :)‘. The Skybar was recommended to us by Mathias‘ friend Moritz and we are glad we went there. The view was absolutely breathtaking and it was a perfect finish to our time in South East Asia. When it went dark we went down to have some dinner at a street restaurant right opposite of the hotel. We had just ordered, when a proper monsoon rain shower started. It did not stop for 2 hours and by the end, our road was almost flooded. I could not help but think that Asia just wanted to remind us, that we had traveled the region during monsoon season. As in fact, up to that point, we had experienced very little rain throughout the whole time. When it had finally finished, we went to the redlight district to make up our own mind about it. It is as expected a place mostly full of expats and old, mostly not good looking Westerners who have a beautiful Asian women in their arms. Or aim to get there during the evening. If you are indifferent to that though and can look past all that, I am sure it can be a quite fun night out if nothing else is on. And so, our time in South East Asia came to an end. The next day, our adventour to India started…

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