The Wild Coast

After our 2 days of hiking in KwaZulu-Natal, we drove on to the so-called Wild Coast of South Africa. It is situated in the Eastern Cape region and stretches along the coastline between Durban and Port Elizabeth. For now it is mostly a vacation spot for locals, backpackers and surfers. The coast ist wilder and rougher than the Garden Route coastline and the towns and infrastructure far less developed. A lot of it is still gravel road towards the end. As you might imagine, we really enjoyed it. We first arrived in Coffee Bay and stayed at a backpackers place that had safari tents with a great view over the river and ocean in the back. When we arrived it was again shortly before sunset and it had been raining almost all day. We were happy to have a safari tent with a bed for the night after having slept through 2 rainy nights in our tent. We had a lovely home-made dinner from the place and went to bed early. When we woke up the next day, we awoke to a beautiful sunset visible directly from our bed. We got up and went for a walk on the beach. When we turned around we saw the dog from the backpackers place following us. I do not know what it is with dogs on this trip, but somehow they seem to be drawn to us. Anyway it was incredible how he walked and listened to us, as if we would go for a walk with him every morning. :) The coast and the waves were beautiful. It was impressive to see the massive waves and the brave surfers trying to tackle them. Last time we had seen similar waves was in Australia along the Great Ocean Road. The waves here though were even bigger. In fact, there are signs everywhere warning people and forbidding swimming. After our morning walk, we drove 4 hours further along the coast to Chintsa. After a short sunny morning, it had started to rain again and even though it had stopped when we got there, it was still misty and a bit drizzling. We found a campsite that we had completely to ourselves. We went for a stroll along the beach and discovered that it was not as rough aymore as Coffee Bay. The sand was fine and pure and the waves had carved beautiful smooth little pools into the stones, which were full of life and looked like small little aquariums. It awakened the explorer in Mathias and we walked along the beach exploring and collecting beautiful treasures of the ocean. We went back to the campsite to make a fire and cook some dinner. When we woke up in the morning, we were lucky again. The sun had come out and we of course went to the beach once more. The sand and water was shining and sparkling in the morning sun and Mathias could not help himself. He did his morning exercises and went for a swim in the ice-cold Indian Ocean. I prefered to stay warm and be responsible for the stunnig pictures instead :)! What a shame we had to leave again, but we had 7 hours of driving in front of us, before we would reach the beginning of the Garden Route.

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