Azul Extra Brut

This was a big discovery and a favourite for us during our wine tasting in Mendoza. The vineyard ‚Bodega La Azul‘ is a small family estate that was recommended to us by a young Swiss couple we met on our wine tasting tour in Chile before. And what a lovely family atmosphere and garden it was. The wines were all exquisite, but we liked this one best. Maybe because we did not expect a refreshing Sparkling from them or maybe it  was because they only produce 2000 bottles each year of the Extra Brut for the sole purpose of selling it in their restaurant on the vineyard only. It became our engagement celebration wine and it was just perfect for that!


If you ever stop by near Mendoza, this should be a must-do visit! The vineyard only produces 13000 litres of wine a year, which is nothing compared to 300000 litres of a big vineyard in Argentina. But what they do, they make fantasticly. And it is still all Argentinian owned. Unfortunately the restaurant was booked out, but it smelled amazing and we heard only good things about it. Here is a link to their website:


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