Food heaven: Lima

We flew to Lima from Puerto Maldonado in the Amazon. We spent 3 days here and to be honest, could not wait for it. We had read that Lima is one of the cities in South America, where you can find the best food. Now, that is something for us! So, we did not do much apart from eating, eating and eating some more :) We did have a stroll around the city inbetween, but this was really just to walk the food off and eat some more. So, the restaurant La Mar was by far our food highlight. We even dare to say, it belongs to the top 3 restaurants we went to on the whole world trip! So, of course we went twice :) It is not just the excellent food, but the athmosphere and the cocktails are just as amazing and yet chilled. Our favourite place was at the bar, where we could watch the staff prepare the dishes. Afterwards, we always treated ourselves to a nice coffee and cake. And when we thought we could not eat anymore, we went outside of the cafe and stumbled upon an open-air pisco sour party, where there were more drinks and food to try. So we did, and Mathias finally got to try his ‚Anticucho‘, marinated beef hearts on a stick. In case you wonder… yes, we did gain weight by now again :). But every single pound was so worth it!

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