Nikkei Ceviche

This dish is competing with the ‚Lemongras Chicken‘ from Laos for best dish on the whole world trip. We had this Nikkei Ceviche in the amazing restaurant La Mar in Lima. To be honest, the fish is so raw it probably should be called a shusimi rather than a ceviche. It is however a creation of chef Gaston Acurio, the owner of La Mar restaurant, and apparently the best chef in Peru at the moment. This also means, I could not find the recipe online anywhere, but have only what it said on the card. So this how the creation is described:

Nikkei Ceviche

ahi (yellowfin) tuna made with sweet tamarind, leche de tigre, cucumber, daikon, sesame oil and nori, accompanied by avocado. 


Now it is up to us to do trial and error at home to make it ourselves and get the recipe right :) .

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