Jugos, Jugos, Jugos

Jugos…. we love them, and we drank them all the time in Colombia, where they were definitely the best in all of South America. Apart from my absolute obvious favorite passion fruit juice, we also learned to love two new fruit juices: lulu and guanabana.


Lulu is also known as ‘Naranjilla’ or ‘little orange’ and grows on a bush. The inside looks like green tomato. The flesh has a pineapple-and-lemon taste and contains small, white edible seeds. It is really refreshing!


Guanabana, or soursop in English, was Mathias favourite juice fruit. The juice tastes better when made with milk instead of water and is so rich it can serve as a meal. Wikipedia describes the flavour as a combination of strawberry and pineapple, with sour citrus flavour notes contrasting with an underlying creamy flavour reminiscent of coconut and banana. I guess that is about right.

Unfortunately, I do not think that lulu or soursop are available in Germany. We will try and look for it though.

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